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Artist’s proofs

If you wish to sign cards or purchase artist’s proofs please contact with my agent
Ilya Shcherbakov on his Facebook page

What is an artist’s proof?
Wizards of the Coast provide artists with white back cards. We’ve got 50 regular and 30 foiled cards usually. I sign all of them and can draw the sketch of your choice on the white side. Like this:

All proofs except «Unstable» set are numbered on the back side.
You can check the availability of the specific number HERE (availability spreadsheet).

Unstable (2017)

Chivalrous Chevalier

Chipper Chopper

Willing Test Subject


Lobe Lobber

Rules Lawyer (Promo)

Battlebond (2018)

My friends,
Battlebond set is printed on paper of different quality and it is very difficult to draw sketches on the backside of the proofs. I’ll be very grateful if you order sketches on them on high necessity only.
Thank you!
Chakram Slinger

Chakram Retriever

Out of Bounds

Stolen Strategy

Core set M19 (2018)

Commander (2018)

Poison-Tip Archer

Retrofitter Foundry

Guilds of Ravnica (2018)


Izzet Locket


Ravnica Allegiance (2019)

Light Up the Stage (Promo)

Light Up the Stage

Storm Strike

Blade Juggler

Captive Audience


War of the Spark (2019)

Giant Growth

Mayhem Devil

Modern Horizons (2019)


Ruination Rioter

Core set M20 (2019)

Audacious Thief

Bag of Holding

Colossus Hammer