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Hello fellow Magic: the Gathering players and collectors!

This section is about Dmitry and Ekaterina (Kate) Burmak’s MtG illustrations and all related goods and services.

If you want to send cards to sign, order an artist proof or ask any other MtG related question, please contact our agent Ilya Shcherbakov

Ilya Shcherbakov



Dmitry and Ekaterina Burmak’s agent

If you’re looking for the prints – you can find them here:

About MtG artist proofs.

What are the artist proofs? They are the cards with white back issued by Wizards of the Coast only for artists. Usually the artist gets 50 regular and 30 foiled proofs for each card. That’s all the proofs available so they have the collectable value.

All proofs are signed on the front by us.

Dmitry is putting the specific number on each proof (except the Unstable set) on the back side of it.

Additionally you can order us to draw a sketch or a painting on the white back of the card.

Usually the sketches and paintings are related to the card illustration. Here are a few examples of what you can expect.

Dmitry’s sketches:

Kate’s sketches:

Thank you!